Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Say Moosey Fate!"

Okay, kids, today's blog has nothing to do with moose (mooses?). That is a quote from Invader Zim, quite possibly one of the funniest cartoons I have ever seen. I understand that it's off the air, but available on Toon Nick, or something along those lines. You should watch it. If it disturbs you, then you're normal. That's all I can say about that.

In other news, I'm going on a four-day camping trip tomorrow [cheering heard from my parents]. We're going to Zion Narrows, in Zion National Park. For those of you who are not Mormons, I'd like to clarify that it is named after Zion, not Zion itself. Of course, chances are you don't care, anyway. The scenery's beautiful, and I hope to get lots of pictures. If I don't, you can see a picture to your left. <--- (For those of you who have trouble knowing your right from your left.) We're going to have a lot of fun, and, frankly, I ought to be packing right now, but as you can clearly see, I am typing. Thanks to all those who read my first blog. If you like the material enough, you can go to Blogarithm, type in my blog's URL and your email address, and you'll receive an email every time I update my blog. Yayyy! Doesn't that sound like fun? Actually, it would annoy me after a while, but if you like it, then go ahead.

Anyway, let's get spiritual before I sign off until Sunday. I'm picking a random verse from the Bible. . . aha! Interesting. Okay: Acts 19:40. Some background: the silversmiths in Ephesus are angry with the success of Paul's missionary work, because they have lost business. They make idols to Diana, a Hellenist goddess, and the newly converted Christians no longer have a need for them. So, under the guise of religious vigilance, they begin persecuting Alexander, a Christian and possibly a missionary, until the townclerk calms them down. He is speaking in this verse, saying that the rowdiness of the people is unacceptable, et cetera, and that they have no real accusation against the Christ-followers.

A similar occurence happened in this dispensation. Certain preachers in the areas in which Joseph Smith lived felt threatened by this "new" religion, as it drained their pews (and by consequence, their livelihood). One in particular, a Campbellite preacher, organized several mobs, including, I believe, the mob that tarred and feathered the prophet, an event which resulted in the death of one of his children. This same preacher tried for years to have Joseph killed under the law, while at the same time trying to stir up the people to lynch the prophet. So we see that often the offenders of the work are in it more for the money, rather than out of "moral indignation."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard zion sucks. Who came up with that brilliant idea?! I don't understand how people can hike, and hike, and hike all day long. Like, take a tram or something people! Me, I'm just perfectly fine sitting in front of my telivision getting fat (its gonna happen eventually anyway!) and yelling at the news. So I hope you have a life changing experience walking around rocks. I'll get my fill watching rocks on tv. I'm gonna go cry myself an emo tear! Peace brotha!

Elena Cala said...

wow, someone admiting that they like getting fat.. thats a first 0.0 Anyway havea fun vacation. I leave for San Francisco this weke too for my vacation!! And i did hear some cheering... it msut have been your parents..